Thursday, November 17, 2016

Movie Month - Days 15, 16, & 17

15. A movie that disappointed you...

Well, the first that comes to mind is the Star Wars prequels. I was so excited and I was left basically thinking what were you thinking! Thankfully this new franchise is much better so far. Hopefully that continues! Becky mentioned Into the Woods for her post, and I agree, too! I had high hopes for that one and it was terrible!

16. A soundtrack that you love more than the actual movie...

Guardians of the Galaxy is my answer. I didn't mind the movie over all, of course, but I loved the soundtrack more!

17. What is your favorite genre? What is your favorite movie in your favorite genre?

Okay, let's face facts. In reading, my favourite genre is fantasy most of the time. And, I do enjoy a good fantasy movie. But, if you have been reading my posts for Movie Month, you will quickly pick up on how much I enjoy musicals. My two favourites are probably Rent and Moulin Rouge, but there are so many others that I can list!! 


  1. Now you've got me thinking about what my favorite movie genre is. I don't know!

  2. I love most soundtracks more than I like the movies because I love movie scores. They're just awesome.

  3. I heartily agree with the GOTG soundtrack being better than the movie! The movie is my least-favorite in the MCU thus far, but the soundtrack is just plain fun.

    Mmmmm, I love Moulin Rouge.


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