Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week in Review - Week 46

Random Thoughts

I did some catch-up this weekend. I was behind in everything. I actually feel very accomplished now! It probably won't last, but it is what it is. I even did a bit of reading! Not as much as I would have liked, but I am finding it hard to just settle in with one book. I find myself skipping around. So, at least I am reading, but I wish I was reading like normal. I still have a ridiculous cough left over from my cold and life is not entirely back to normal in a lot of ways. Hopefully this up-coming week, this cough will go away and I will feel more like myself.

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Gotham Academy - Volume 3: Yearbook

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The Promise of Canada ~ This was really good! I love reading Canadian History and I have loved Charlotte Gray in the past. This was another great one by her! In honour of the 150th birthday of Canada, this book looks back at famous people and events that have shaped this country. Our history definitely had some bad moments, but it also had some good ones as well. It is worth checking out! Strongly recommended!

Gotham Academy - Volume 3: Yearbook ~ This is Volume 3 in one of the DC series that I am enjoying. This one was a collection of shorter works by guest artists that recapped some important moments from the characters. It was fun! I am looking forward to Volume 4. Recommended!

Bookburners Season One, Episode 10 & 11 ~ I managed to get two episodes of Bookburners on Saturday. I think I am almost done! I wish I had been more consistent reading them because then I would be done and could check out another Serial offering. But, since I am slacking on this one as it is, I am waiting to start another one when I finish. A mixture of magic, demons, books, detective work, and more, makes this great to check out! Recommended!

Being Jazz ~ I had never actually had a chance to see the show or anything, but I was curious about this teen growing up in a world where she has to advocate to be herself. It is hard to be a teen as it is. She sounds like she has a great head on her shoulder and a wonderful support system. She has had to fight to be the person that she is, though, in a world that is slow to accommodate. She did a good job narrating it, too. Recommended!

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Gotham Academy - Volume 3: Yearbook

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  1. Yay for getting caught up!!! I hope you are able to maintain it and even do some more. You should absolutely feel accomplished and celebrate that!

    Have a great week, Kelly!

  2. I just love your furbaby photos. They make me smile. I hope this week is filled with goodness!

  3. Love the cover for The Girl from Everywhere. Chloe is a beauty!

  4. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I may read the book on Jazz. I have only seen a scene or two from the show, but I have the same sort of interest as yourself. I hope that your cough goes away. There seems to be a lot of that around lately.

  5. ITS SO FLUFFY! :)


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