Friday, December 02, 2016

Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

1. | I guess I am in a bit of a reading slump. I have been doing really well with audios, but actually sitting down and reading has not really been happening. I kind of suspect that will be the month of December. It is a busy time.

2. | Last year I did the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar. I decided to do it again this year. I also, at the last minute, decided to do the Davids Tea Advent Calendar. I have wanted to for a few years, but it is a bit of a splurge. I justified it by talking the guy into doing it with me. New Christmas tradition for the win! The first day went well. Hoping that continues!

3. | Emma the Elf is back! I didn't do a photo-a-day with her last year, but I decided to bring her back this year. Although, as I write this up Thursday evening, I haven't actually done a picture yet. I had an idea that didn't work out yet. For those that are not sure what I am talking about, I bought an Elf on the Shift in like 2013 or so.

4. | I seem to be bought in by Audible emails lately. I am listening to Free the Darkness: King's Dark Tidings by Kel Kade. I have never heard of it before, but I guess it is good epic fantasy. So far it is pretty good. Hopefully I continue to think so because it is 16 hours.

5. | I sort of started decorating for Christmas. I put the bottom part of the Christmas tree in the stand, didn't even push down the branches, and Chloe was eating it. Finn also has been chewing at it. I forgot that I have not put a tree up in his lifetime either. Casey was the only one that saw a tree. We will see how this goes when I decorate it tomorrow!

6. | I want to do all the things this month. I think it is because it is the last month of the year and I feel like there was so much that I neglected as the year got going. I feel this way every year and figure that things will catch up with me and I will get like nothing done. We will see how that goes, too!

7. | I am thinking about what I want to do in 2017. I should make a list of things that I want to accomplish... Maybe I will start one in my Bullet Journal. But, then I probably will neglect it. There are some big things I need to do in 2017...


  1. I always look at the David's Tea calender's longingly, because they are not available in Europe and basically they only have the pre-bagged tea versions here, if at all. This makes me sad. But I am so glad you get to do it!!

  2. Good luck with the Christmas decorating. I've been working on mine today. When one of my cats was a kitten I had to lay down the law with her. Now she treats the tree respectfully.

  3. I put up a mini Christmas tree but I don't go overboard on decorating. Now I guess I better start doing my Christmas shopping - why oh why am I always running behind! :)

  4. I want to do drastically fewer things this month than last month. Last month was trying to do TOO MANY things. This month, I want to mainly sit quietly and read books and nothing else. Sit quietly, read books, and also buy Christmas presents, and then actually really nothing else.

    In 2017, by contrast, I want to do lots and lots and LOTS of things. I'm going to make some amazing lists too.


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