Friday, December 02, 2016

Countdown to Christmas & #AMonthofFaves2016

5 Popular Books Worth the Hype

1. | I actually read Illumiae and Gemina in 2016 after hearing so much about Illuminae in 2015. They were both definitely worth the read!

2. | The Nightingale was one of those 2015 books that I saw everywhere. I finally got a chance to read it a couple months ago and it was really good! I got a bit tired of WWII books for a while there, but this was worth trying them again for.

3. | The Fifth Season won the Hugo Award this year, so it was definitely buzzed about. I read it and loved it and actually bought the audiobook in the recent Audible sale because I want to reread it at some point. I am hoping to get to the sequel before the year is out or early next year.

4. | The Girls was definitely buzzed about this year and I amazingly bought it this year and read it this year. While maybe not the best book I read this year, I am still really happy that I read it and think it deserves the attention it has received.

5. | The follow-up to The Snow Child was so well done! Eowyn Ivey is an amazing author and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

Is there an album or movie you like to listen to or watch first?

Not really. My music tends to move in the direction of whatever is on my computer for my first listen of the year and then branch out as December gets going. As to movies, I make sure to watch Muppet Christmas Carol before the month is over. That is about all the planning that I do for that.


  1. The Girls made my list too :) But, I didn't love Nightingale as much as everyone else. I liked it fine, but it didn't blow my mind or anything.

  2. Illuminae is on my list to read and I even own it and Gemina. I just need to get out of this slump first so I enjoy it.

  3. I ADORED The Nightingale and ugly cried at the book for many chapters. But, because I had such a reaction to the book- I've been shy about picking up other WWII era books.

  4. I need to read Illuminae and Gemina. And I have several movies I watch every year for Christmas.

  5. Loved The Fifth Season and have a review in progress for the sequel--The Obelisk Gate. :)

  6. Man, I wish we'd made our list longer now :-) I loved Illuminae and The Fifth Season too. Everyone seems to love The Girls, so I need to get on that!

  7. The Nightingale was one of those books I didn't think about much but have seen so many good reviews of it that I do plan to read it. One of these days!


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