Friday, January 20, 2017

Books, Life, & Everything Else (3)

1. | I still cannot seem to find the hours in the day for like, well, anything. I am quieter with blogging, reading, etc so far this year and it is making me sad.

2. | I decided to reactivate my library account because I was hoping it would offset my audio listening. I went through my audio wish list last night and the library has about 3 of the books. So, there goes that idea. I can still listen through my library, but to things that are not necessarily on my wish list. I am not sure if that is a good or a bad thing? I was really surprised by the lack of big titles from last year. I thought they would at least have them... And, clearly my province is not big on fantasy and science fiction because even though I have hardly used my library in a couple years, they still don't have much from either genre.

3. | I am continuing to try and use Marvel Unlimited as much as I can to justify keeping it. I cancelled everything but it and Audible this year. And, my library has never been great for graphic novels. And, I love graphic novels. So, you do what you can, right?

4. | I have the Timehop app on my phone and I am seeing all these books that I got last January. I have hardly had anything enter my house so far this year, so yay, progress! 2017 has to be quieter because 2016 was way too much retail therapy. lol

5. |  Chloe continues to be a source of entertainment. She doesn't meow yet, she does these little squeaks. I am finding they happen more lately when she wants food or when there is a fly that she can't catch and needs help. (Or when she thinks a piece of dirt is a fly...) Casey was always big on bug catching, so it is nice we have a replacement. This morning I was like that's weird, Chloe didn't sleep with us... And then I heard purring by my head. If she thinks you are awake, she starts purring.

6. | I just detoured to put my first books on hold with my new library reactivation. For audiobook, I put Talking as Fast I Can by Lauren Graham. A book I have wanted to do the audio of, but don't need to own. Then I did 4 e-books: The Last Days of Magic by Mark Tompkins (I tried this on audio and there was just too much going on and I couldn't keep track...), Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan, Do Not Say We Have Nothing by Madeleine Thien, and The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittal. I got Gabi, A Girl In Pieces as my e-book test on my tablet. I still haven't decided what to get to test out the audio settings...

7. | Mackie doesn't know it yet, because he is a dog, but he has a play date with Henry today. He will be very excited once he sees where we end up later. They are getting older and my mother is more willing to allow play-dates than she used to be. Henry is actually more hyper than Mackie. I am still always shocked by this fact. Mackie will find a toy and go lay down with it and Henry will be right in his face trying to get him to play still.

8. | I am trying to decide if I want to get the recent Humble Bundle. I love Image comics, but I just did a quick comparison between the recent Bundle and previous ones... And I still have a bunch of unread stuff. But, there is a lot of stuff in the recent bundle that I don't own. Decisions, decisions. lol


  1. I love Chloe pictures! She's so cute. I've been trying to trim down my subscriptions but there are always a few that I can't live without and audible is tempting me. My library has a really good selection but they don't have everything and some books just need to be listened to!

  2. Oh, Gabi, A Girl in Pieces is on my list because Iliana liked it so much!

  3. I am totally in love with your kitten. She is just adorable.

  4. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I've been thinking about the Humble Bundle too! But I wonder if I will read all of it!

    Luckily my library is ok enough about graphic novels. What I don't like is that sometimes they pick up the first volume of a series and nothing else. So I have to get busy with the
    Suggest a Purchase form!
    And oh they have such a horrendous collection of Fables!! Something like the first four, then number 8, 12, 20!

  5. I have been going back and forth about the Humble Bundle so much!! On the one hand, there's stuff there I'd like to read, and on the other hand, like, most of the stuff I REALLY want to read in that Humble Bundle, I already own. Dilemmas of the modern day! :p

  6. Let us know if you end up doing the Humble Bundle! I've seen several people talking about it and I may cave! :)

  7. Aw. I'm glad that Chloe is being such a good kitty. My new kitty Izzy always comes and purrs at me in the morning to when she thinks I'm awake. I always want to sleep longer, but I enjoy hearing her purr. Purrs are my favorite!


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