Friday, March 17, 2017

Books, Life, & Everything Else (7)

March 2015
1. | I have embraced the reading slump and am just watching a ridiculous amount of movies instead. I am hoping I will get bored of it soon and want to read again. It has been going on all year. It is getting depressing. I made a list of the movies I have watched lately and it is kind of extensive. I am still watching kids movies and have probably watched more movies in the last month than I did all of last year combined. If it does continue for a while, I think I am going to branch out to classic movies and musicals.

2. | Chloe is my movie watching companion. She sits on the back of the couch by my head and sleeps through them. She was a lap cat when we first got her, but sadly doesn't seem interested now. Hoping that changes with age because Finn still won't sit on my lap.

3. | Winter continues to be weird. We had a week of really cold temperatures and then we were supposed to have a really big storm. It started with snow, the winds were enough to shake the whole house, but then it quickly turned to large amounts of rain. Unfortunately the wind did some damage to the house, but thankfully it was a one day fix type mess.

4. | Tonight is St. Paddy's. We normally do not do much for it, but one of the guys friends is playing music at a bar in town and we are going to go for a bit. I am not sure if I will have any green beer, but it should be fun.

5. | My puzzle making continues. I found some cheap new ones online, so I am just waiting for them to arrive. I had to throw a second hand one out the other day because there were so many pieces missing I couldn't even make the border. I will luck into one with all the pieces here and there, but most of them are missing at least one piece. Puzzles are just expensive new.

6. | March was supposed to be my 'get back on track' month. I wanted to get more exercise and start doing some of the things that I have been neglecting. What has happened is I really hurt my foot and could hardly walk on it for a week and then all my other big plans just sort of fizzled because I was so depressed about the fact that I hurt myself. It is not surprising I am in constant reading slumps so far this year.

7. | I did some massive spring cleaning of the downstairs of my house. It means that keeping the downstairs in order is really manageable. I hope that continues. Our upstairs is not really that messy anyway, so that has always been manageable. It is the downstairs that is more lived in and constantly in disorder.


  1. Yay! You spelled St. Paddy's right! So many people (especially in the US) get it wrong. It's probably because you're Canadian you're far superior in being "knowledged" about the world.

  2. You should start doing movie reviews. ;) hopefully Chloe is just going through a stage. I love lap kitties and get sad when they won't snuggle with me.

  3. I love pet snuggles of any sort, but lap snuggles are the best. I hope Chloe discovers how awesome they are soon for you!

    Watching movies is perfectly okay. Maybe your brain just wants to give your imagination a rest for a bit?

  4. I hope Chloe gets back to lap snuggles! Sorry to hear about your foot :(


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