Sunday, January 21, 2018

Week in Review (3)


Well, we finally got the snow. Last Wednesday it snowed all day, so we had quite the mess on Thursday morning. A friend was nice enough to come and plow us out. As the weather here always hovers around the freezing point, we never get light snow anymore. It is always really wet and really heavy. The weather was quite different than predicted last week in general because there was supposed to be rain after the snow, but it never warmed up to that point. This winter is just weird and I feel like I say that every winter now for one reason or another. Mackie hurt his paw running around a couple weeks ago and crashing through some ice. I know you can buy shoes for dogs, but I figure the dog will come in missing at least one and then I will have to go out and find it. So, we are just trying to keep him calmer when he is outside. I have to say, the hurt paw didn't slow him down much. He found stairs hard and jumping up on the bed, but otherwise he just walked on 3 paws or limped.

I rejoined Postcrossing last week and have been organising my postcards. I have vintage cards from my family and I have been going through them. I bought plastic covers for them and a new box so I can actually show people them. They have spent too many years hidden away. While I have been going through them, I have posted a couple of them on Facebook and shared the family history. I am trying to decide how to write notes on them. I was thinking post-it notes stuck to the plastic, but not sure if they will stay stuck. I always end up with a million projects on the go, huh? lol

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Been on a graphic novel kick, so nothing technically in progress right now.


Weekly Reading

Lazarus - Volume 5: Cull ~ I bought this last year and was so excited. I love this series about a strong female. I should have reread the series first, though. I forgot some details and it took me a bit to get hooked because I was trying to remember things. There is a new book out a bit later this year, so I plan to do a reread before it to refresh my memory entirely. I did really enjoy this, don't get me wrong, but I have too many comic series on the go and the storylines kind of run together or get hazy. I am glad I checked this series out, though, and look forward to more. Strongly recommended!

Sex Criminals - Volume 4: Fourgy ~ My mother actually bought this for me for Christmas. She asked if there were any comics I wanted and I sent the list to the store itself, so I am not sure what she thought when she went to pick this one up. lol It's a strange series that I wouldn't expect to like at all, but I have been enjoying it. Because I hardly read last year, it has been a while since I read the previous volumes in these series I am catching up on, and I think I should have done a reread of this one, too. I will for Volume 5. Strongly recommended!

Lady Killer - Volume 2 ~ I was excited when I found out there was a Volume 2 in this series. Volume 1 kind of seemed like a standalone. There was no marking on it to say Volume 1. It was just called Lady Killer. This was another one of the comics I decided to catch-up on at Christmas. A stay-at-home mother who has a secret life makes for an interesting story-line. The ending was a bit of a cliff-hanger, so that means a Volume 3. I am excited. Strongly recommended!


Gilmore Girls continues to be the main thing I am watching. I am on Season 4 now. I am enjoying it. It is good, mindless fun. There are not complicated storylines to keep track of or anything. I think it fits my mind at the moment. I am looking forward to seeing the new season that was released. I will get there soon!

I told myself I was not starting any new shows because I am so behind at the moment. But, I heard about this show and how it was done by the same person that did House and decided yesterday to give it a try. I love it! It has the same wit as House did, but it also is new and fresh. It is a show about an autistic surgeon. Freddie Highmore does such a good job playing him, too. He really is a talented actor. I look forward to more of this show!

I also watched Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, The Curse of Oak Island, The Good Place, and a bit of Once Upon a Time. Oh, and Star Trek: Discovery. I still need to watch the newest This is Us. This list is why I didn't want to start any new shows. lol We also watched the episode of David Letterman on Netflix where he interviews Barack Obama. Very well done!

New Additions

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

Weekly Posts


  1. We finally received snow too, and I rejoiced! It was not enough to cause any major shutdowns and was so pretty when it was falling. Unfortunately, a lot of it melted in yesterday's odd warm weather and will most likely do so again today. Back to the ugly brown mess, I fear.

  2. We just got our third snowfall of the season. It’s been such a weird, warm, dry winter! I LOVE The Good Doctor. I’m glad you decided to watch it.

  3. We got some snow this week but I suspect it was nothing close to what you consider snow! The old postcards are so fascinating. It sounds like a fun project. I really want to start the Anne Bishop series. I meant to read the first book last year but it just didn't happen. Have a great week!

  4. I feel like I keep on saying this but I really need to give the Anne Bishop series a try! I've seen so many good reviews for it already but I just haven't picked up the first book yet. I love doing a bunch of different projects! Keeps my on my toes :) Have a great week!!

  5. We had that messy snow Wednesday as well UGH - 40 days to spring.

  6. Your postcard collection sounds really neat. It would be fun to see it. You should scan them in and showcase them on your blog sometime. But, you don't have to.

  7. Poor Mackie! I have seen some of your postcard posts and love them. I should join postcrossing as it just sounds like so much fun.

  8. Oh hey, snap! I feel exactly the same about Gilmore Girls, and I am pleased to report that I recently finished season 7 for the first time ever. Hooray!

    I too need to do a reread of Sex Criminals pretty soon. I really dug it before it went on hiatus, but I haven't caught up since it's been back. Gotta refresh my memory before I restart.


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