Friday, December 16, 2005

Left Behind - Tim LeHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins (November/05)

I am not really all that religious, so this was a strange novel choice for me. It is all about things that I had heard of, but never really was aware of. It seems that the authors are attempting to scare the people that read their novels by showing them what one day may happen on earth. Those that believe in God are taken away while those that don't are left on the earth to face the trials that God sends their way to test them. Those that believe in God may get a second chance, but those that don't might find themselves in a terrible situation. I find myself liking this novel, not because I was getting more religious as I read it, but more because it was well-written and a bit of a thriller. I found the airplane pilot in the novel who found God annoying because he was trying to push it on everyone else. I know that is the point of the novel, though, so I overlooked it. Taking it out of context as more as a novel and less about the religious factors of it, it was good.


I also have the second novel in the series to read:
Tribulation Force

Whether I will continue from there remains to be seen.

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