Friday, December 16, 2005

Silver Bells - Luanne Rice (November/05)

This was one of my Christmas reads. I was gone away with my boyfriend and sometimes his friends don't do a lot, so in the lulls I like to have something to read. I grabbed this at a store that did not have much else. It was a good, short read. Oddly enough one of the characters, a tree farmer, comes from Nova Scotia where I live. Luanne Rice visited the area and liked it, so she has incorporated it into her novels. The novel was a quaint Christmas read. It is about a man who's wife died and every year at Christmas time he goes to New York to sells his Christmas trees. With his wife dead, he has to take the children out of school for a month in order to make some income. One trip to New York, he son decides to stay and runs off into the night. The next year when the little family returns they set on a search not only for their lost kin but the father finds something he never even knew he had lost. The other characters in the novel are the ones that keep the young boy safe while he roams the evil streets of New York City. I like to keep Luanne Rice on hand for those moments when I want to read, but I don't have much time.


Other books read by Luanne Rice:
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Summer's Child (September/05) - 4.5/5

Other books by her in my "to-read" pile:
Blue Moon


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