Monday, August 07, 2006

This is my kind of article!

So, I was going through my blogroll, when on the blog A Work in Progress, the author posted about this article. I really don't feel so bad. The nine books I am currently reading right now is nothing to the 27 she posted about reading! I think I am going to try and keep mine at 10, though. I love this paragraph:

"Friends say that I suffer from a short attention span, but exactly the opposite is true. I do not stop reading books because I lose interest in them; if anything, I have too long an attention span, one that allows me to read dozens of books simultaneously without losing interest in any of them. Moreover, I have an excellent memory that allows me to suspend reading, pick up a book six months later, and not miss a beat. A chess player once told me that a good memory is a cheap trick that creates a deceptive aura of intelligence around an otherwise ordinary intellect. This is true."

I don't always read a lot of books at one time, but readers everywhere should read this article. Even if you only read a couple at a time it will make you feel better. And I thought it was an enjoyable read.


  1. like I said, don't feel bad. when I posted this same question on my blog some people told me they had BOXES full of books TBR. BOXES!!! lol

    a lot of people had over 100 books to read. yikes.

  2. That was indeed a fantastic article...felt like I was reading the thoughts of a kindred spirit. I try to keep only 5 or 6 books going at any one time. Try being the operative word.


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