Friday, August 29, 2008

Short Story Friday... For the First, and probably last, Time

I'll admit it... I am not a big fan of short stories. I hardly ever read them, actually. They are just over too fast and I often find myself wishing for more. If you look at my sporadic history of book reviews, you will see just how rarely short story collections appear in my lists. I did have to read a short story this week, though, because it is technically the first part of Patricia Briggs new series and I wanted to know what was going on before I started Cry Wolf, which arrived in the mail yesterday! (As did the other three books I ordered. Yay!)

Instead of the back cover thing... Go to Patricia's web site to read an excerpt!

Anyway, what can you really say about a novella? Not much! It was only like 70 pages... If I talk too much, well, then you won't even have to read it and then people will be getting mad at me for ruining it for them, etc, etc... In any case, it was a promising beginning. I think this series is going to be a bit more of a romance-type thing than the Mercedes Thompson series, but that is not necessarily a bad thing! I suppose I can handle a bit of romance. Especially since this series will be my tiding over series while I wait for new Mercedes' books.... (February is soooo far away!)

Here's the thing... Those that read my blog should know by now that while I read a lot (don't say it, I know this should be past tense, but shhh), I don't really back anything that I don't love. I love Colleen Gleason, so I do interviews and give things away. I love Michelle Moran, so I am dedicating a week to her in September (details to come soon!). And, I love Patricia Briggs because I am willing to read ROMANCE to tide me over until the new Mercedes book. Now, if that is not the best way to tell someone what I think of an author, I really do not have any other way to put it. That being said, reading Colleen Gleason means visiting the romance aisle. Do you know I didn't even know where it was in the bookstore when I bought her first book? That is how much time I spend there... (I keep mentioning Colleen because I am catching up with her right now! In reading, I mean. I mean, there I am mentioned in the acknowlegments and I haven't even read the book! Do I suck or what?!?)

Anyways, I didn't read the rest of the stories in the anthology because they don't really interest me. Am I making a mistake here? Anyone else read them and think I should spend time on them, or what? Thoughts?

So, now I can start Cry Wolf, which means walking around with this cover.... You know, if the person on the cover is the woman I just read about... Well, she's not what I expected at all!

And in the meantime, Patricia has another story coming out in an anthology in December. I will read it, but man, I wish she would stop doing that to me! I won't read the other stories.... And then *drum roll* NEW MERCEDES BOOK IN FEBRUARY!!! Yay! I have no idea why I am such a fan girl about her series... probably because I am actually caught up in it instead of a bunch of books behind, like I am with most series... A bunch of books behind, I mean, not caught up.

Does she not have nice covers? I can't see I need to look at half-dressed women, but I mean, other than that the covers are nice and bright and eye-catching... You know, I am so un-girlie when it comes to this stuff, I HATE being caught with covers that look like that... I mean, I have a rep to protect... and people keep thinking I broke down and became a 'typical girl' and started reading romance novels. Now, please don't get me wrong, romance novels can be good, I just like action and adventure more than a guy and a girl (and difference variations on that theme) getting it on for a million pages. But, I do read J.D. Robb and things of that sort, so it is not like I am TOTALLY against it... It is just not my thing. And, I mean, I do go in the romance aisle for Gleason books.... So, see, I am not trying to be rude, so don't get mad at me!


  1. When I first saw you review Mercy Thompson on your blog, I went out and bought both Blood Bound and Moon Called. Then I put them on a shelf for like a year. When I finally read them, I LOVED them!!

    I'm hoping to read Iron Kissed for the RIP. And yeah!! A new one! That just made my day!

  2. I have Cry Wolf to read and plan on reading this anthology first. I am sorry you are not a big fan of short stories, I started reading them earlier this year and have found some cool new authors. I read books by Sunny and Karen Chance this year and can definitely recommend them. Sunny is dark fantasy and Karen Chance is urban fantasya little like Anita Blake early stories.

  3. Just found your blog after the Twisted Kingdom follow up...

    Interesting - I just finished both On the Prowl and Cry Wolf. I'm a new Patricia Briggs fan I must admit. Books on shelf for ages then just read the three Mercedes Thompson books in a week. They're not perfect (which I actually kind of like - like you can feel a human behind the storytelling - difficult to explain...) but very compelling and her characters stay with you.

    On the Prowl - ugh. I did not know who any of the authors were when I read the stories and only Briggs is really worth reading IMO. The second story felt like it didn't find it's groove till 2/3 of the way through then when it got interesting it suddenly changed genres. The third was a mess of ideas thrown together without a solid base, heart or backbone (only in the hands of a highly skilled author can I handle elves, fairies, witches, vampires, werewolves and every other creature all in the same room - too much mixing and you lose the strength of metaphors and mythos - again, my opinion only here. I know some people like that) The last, while well written, seemed more about an excuse to write 'alternate sex' than an interesting story, though it had interesting ideas that weren't explored. Sorry about the blunt opinion but I felt blindsided by the other stories. Brigg's was worth the cover price though so it will be staying on my bookshelf.

    Cry Wolf has such a weird cover for the character! It doesn't fit in my mind at all - I think it's a case of selling the book to catch the eye of those that would probably like it rather than being a true reflection of what was written (which I gather is the norm, except for long term series and even then it can happen). I do like the Mercedes Thompson covers except what's with all the tattoos?! Don't get me wrong, I love tattoos but she only ever mentions one (the coyote paw over her tummy) so I think it's another one of those browser-eye-catching things.

    Anyway, seeing as how many people seemed to respect Patricia Briggs in reviews and will pick up books solely on her recommendation I thought it was about time I read something of hers. I'm so glad I finally did.

    Cry Wolf, by the way, seems a little rushed in places to me but I still enjoyed it very much and didn't mind the inconsistencies I felt were there. After reading the short prequel in On the Prowl I thought there'd be nothing left to write about storywise for the Omega character but as per usual she doesn't rush character growth but lets it unfold at a more natural pace during another story and doesn't have everything resolved and happily tied up in a neat bow at the end like it seems most tend to. I think this is why I like the Mercedes Thompson books too and can handle the romance - because it's sprinkled through rather than focused on and characters take their time getting used to different situations, people and ideas.

    Just my two cents - really just saying Patricia Briggs is a wonderful and accessible writer. Even her werewolves are more human and real than a lot of other characters I've read in Urban Fantasy.

  4. Well, lots of different thoughts on this anthology. I still don't think I will read the other stories, but thanks for the opinions! I think Cry Wolf will be my next read, though!


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