Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Weirdest Thing...

My Amazon Wish List is LONG and here is me with a bit of extra money thinking I would go to the bookstore and buy myself a book.... I WALKED OUT WITH NOTHING! And not once, but twice! And, it is just depressing. It seems if I go to a bookstore with a list in my head, the bookstore does not have anything I want and I just walk out of there disappointed. Now, if I had gone in just to browse I probably would've found ten books I wanted, but that is besides the point.

For example, I STILL don't have Patricia Briggs new book. I thought I preordered it, but I didn't, and not one bookstore actually has it in stock! I could cry! I mean, even in the 'big' city, not a copy to be found. So, I already had it worked out that I was going to have to go online to get it.... Since that book was out of the picture, I have been trying to pick up Colleen Gleason's new book. I still haven't read book three, but I was going to read both of them in a row.... Bookstore does not have it! I knew I did not order that one online, the reason being that they had the first three, so I just assumed they would have the fourth one too! NOPE! I was very umimpressed!

Now, here I am staring at my computer and trying to decide if I should go on Amazon. I have been REALLY good with book-buying this year. I have hardly bought anything! So, I deserve a treat, right? It's just, I start getting books to get the free-shipping, and then I have a hard time choosing (probably because I have hardly bought any books this year and the list is getting really long), and then the next thing I know I have spent way more than I had planned. I mean, I obviously have some will-power because I have hardly bought books all year, but then I have a bit of freedom and the next thing I know I am going crazy! Yeah, who am I kidding... off to Amazon!


  1. So...what did you buy?

  2. haha, see my most recent post... :)

  3. That happens to me quite's always so frustrating. I normally end up at Amazon spending more than I should too.

  4. oh my.. i do the same thing to avoid shipping LOL.. Amazon is such a dangerous place to go! hahahah..

  5. Nymeth: It is frustruating. I want instant gratification and instead I have to wait around!

    deslily: Yeah, Amazon can be torture on my poor pocketbook!


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