Friday, October 31, 2008


I don't know what happened with October! I actually cannot believe that October is, well, over... *cough* I don't even want to count how many times I have posted this month because the numbers would be depressing! And, reading, well, let's just say that 2008 is probably the worst reading year I have ever had! I just cannot seem to get in the mood for either reading or blogging lately. I open a book, read a few pages, get bored, and then start all over again! Blogging is along the same line. I open up the screen to review one of the few books I have actually managed to read, and I am lucky to get two lines typed before interest leaves me and I want to do something else! I don't know if there is too much else going on in my life this year or I am just unsettled, but this was just a depressing year reading and blogging-wise! I have Saturday and Sunday off work and I am hoping for a reading weekend, but no promises. If I could just find a book that would suck me in, I would be all set, but it just is not happening! If you saw the pile of books that I have started and not finished... Hopefully November is better, that's all I can say!

I don't know folks. Do you have any recommendations? I just need a really good book, that's all I need.... What have people read recently and loved? It's not like I don't have lots of choices, but I apparently need some help here. Well, if anyone actually still reads this blog, anyway. I need something to interest me in reading again!

Man, I hope 2009 is a better reading year... If you could just see the unread books in my house... Even the Charming Comedian hasn't really given me much inspiration to post lately....


  1. One of the last books to blow me away was Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar, so I'm going to recommend that one!

  2. You should give Here, There be Dragons by James A Owen a go. Young Adult Fantasy with lots of famous references.


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