Monday, April 27, 2009

Bad Bloggers - The End of April

One of these days I am going to write a review...

In the meantime, these are the books I picked up at the library:

One for Sorrow by Christopher Barzak - Point for Nymeth

Larklight by Philip Reeve - Point for Becky

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson - Where do I even start...

What it is by Lynda Barry - Point for Iliana

Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader by Anne Fadiman - Point for Carl

Miki Falls 1: Spriny by Mark Crilley - Point for Darla D. (Wasn't going to read because the library only has the first two books, but I changed my mind... )


  1. I hope you enjoy One for Sorrow as much as I did! The others are all books I want to read too.

  2. "Where do I even start..." LOL, I love that! Sometimes that's definitely the way it is though!

  3. I have been meaning to read Larklight for ages, but there are just too many many things to read ahead of it on the list...sigh.

  4. Your library loot looks great! I've been thinking about rereading Ex Libris because of Carl.But I already have so many books out. *sigh* Happy reading.

  5. I hope you enjoy What It Is! I didn't love it as much as 100 Demons but it's still very good. And, just fun to look at!

  6. Ana: I hope I enjoy 'One for Sorrow' too!

    Debi: It is often the way it is, yes!

    Charlotte: There are so many good books out there, don't I know it!

    Vasilly: This will be my first read of Ex Libris. Good to know it is worthy of a reread!

    Iliana: Thanks! I am looking forward to it because it is fun to look at!


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