Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 - The Year in Pictures

January - Received my books for Christmas.

February - Got a new cellphone
March - Was a bit slack with taking pictures.. Just a few of Casey..

April - Casey discovers bubbles for the very first time.

April - I started my day-by-day journal. Still keeping it up!

April - I started my Postcard Project. At year end I was at 49 States out of 50.

May - Celebrated the guys birthday. (Joined Instagram and starting doing photo-a-day)

May - Started building a shed.

May - More Progress on the shed.

May - Actually got my mother to read. Thanks Marg!

May - Has a roof!

June - Went to a Dinner Theatre

June - Saw the work being done on the Bluenose II Schooner in Lunenburg.

June - New Fables series!

June - Wrote a post about the suggested reading order of one of my favourite series.

June - Celebrated Canada Day early

July - Celebrated Canada Day

July - Ate strawberries

July - The last Women of the Otherworld book. Sad!

July - Finally went to the Shore Club. (One of the oldest social clubs in the province)

July - The shed is done and someone is showing off his new toy.

July - Close-up of new toy.

July - PEAS! This is a big deal for me...

July - Added this to the back yard.

July - Got a new BBQ.

July - Dog-sitting began.

August - The night the cat locked us out, and herself in, the bedroom.

August - More Fireworks. (In Windsor)

August - Went to Peggy's Cove

August - Went to Yarmouth

August - Whimsy went back home.

August - Went on a road trip in our own backyard.

September - Wharf Rat Rally

September - Got my birthday present early.

September -  Casey met Yoda.

September - Went to Dingle Tower

October - Went out for supper for my birthday.

October - Actually my birthday.

October - Another October birthday.

October - Saw the Pumpkin People.

November - Went on a comic book splurge.

November - Found an reading program I actually like for my tablet.

November - Joined postcrossing.com

December - Started the Adventures of Popper the Poppet.

December - Got books from Bookcloseouts.

December - The rest of the Bookcloseouts books.

December - Bought myself books for Christmas...

December - Lost a good friend...

December - Got a journal from Bookgirl and sent a bunch more around the world.

December - Received a bunch of Christmas cards.

December - Got Casey a cat house that she loves.

December - Got a new camera.

December - Got a bit spoiled by the guy (he also is where the camera came from...)

December - Got a bit spoiled by the family.

December - Have new comics to read!

December - Had a blizzard that made me feel old because I remember when blizzards were actually blizzards...

December - Ended the new year looking back...


  1. That was fun! What kind of Canon did you get? Curious! Our cats love their kitty tree (with small cubby). I think every cat needs one. Didn't realize Casey had locked you out, this year! That must have been interesting. Loved the pictures. Of course, I always adore the lighthouses. Huzzybuns can tell you an interesting story about our drive on icy roads to look for a Canadian lighthouse. He *still* ribs me about that.

    Happy New Year and Happy Reading in 2013!

  2. What a fabulous way to review your year. Remember the good, laugh at the silly, honor the sad, treasure the present and look to the future.

    Happy New Year!

  3. This was a wonderful review of your year, Kelly!!! I loved it--and hope you keep on doing it every year! :D

  4. Though you lost a friend, the rest of the year seemed fun (and book) filled. Hopefully 2013 has all of the fun and books and none of the sadness!

  5. What a fantastic year in review :) And what a fantastic year!!! I still have that Fables post bookmark that you did…Excited to really dig into that series more…maybe this will be the year that I do it!

  6. That was awesome! So glad you put that all together.

    I didn't realize you built a shed. Looks very nice. As does the toy sitting out in front of it. Wow!

    I continue to be woefully behind on Fables but I still buy it faithfully, issue by issue, and know one day I'll get all caught up.

    I hope your 2013 is even more full of adventure and is a wonderful one. Thanks again for sharing Christmas Eve advent with me, I enjoy that every year. You are the best, look forward to a buddy read in the spring and to a great 2013.

  7. Amazing post! Happy New Year to you, Kelly. :-)

  8. Anonymous9:25 PM

    What a great idea! Happy New Year! May your 2013 be filled with wonderful books and photos!

  9. Absolutely love this!! I'm interested in the Wharf Rat Rally--though I think that my rallying days are over for a few years. ;)

    Think my favorite of all of them is Casey with the bubbles. So cute. Happy New Year Kelly!!

  10. What a fun way to look back at the year! Here's to a wonderful 2013!

  11. What a fantastic way to recap your year! I enjoyed it! All the best to you in 2013 :)

  12. I am enjoying this post! I just did one for myself and then I saw yours. Loved it! Happy 2013!

  13. What a great way to summarize your year--and so pleasant to look at! Happy New Year, Kelly!

  14. I absolutely loved this!! I think the pictures tell a story of a great 2012 where you had so many great things and some sad things happen in your life!


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