Sunday, November 24, 2013

Virtual Advent - Looking Back on 2006

It is hard to believe that this is the 8th year of Virtual Advent... I have been feeling a bit reminiscent thinking about it all... It all started when I was making up the schedule for this year. I decided to listen to Kate Rusby, who I learned about last year from a Virtual Advent post. I mentioned this to the person who I thought had posted it and she said she heard about Kate Rusby a previous year from another participant.This lead me to browse through some of the old posts... We started back in 2006. It was a bit of a last minute decision that year...

We started on the 10th that year. I posted first and then Marg. On the 12th we visited Jennie @ Jennie's B(ook)log. She shared a section from A Christmas Carol and Viennese Snowballs. If anyone is wondering about the latter that would be a recipe! The blog and post still exist, so you can still pop over there. (One day I really should make some of the recipes...)

Then we visited Cheya at In Season to see some beautiful carved ornaments that her husband did for their children. It is wonderful to have memories like that and to pass them on to the next generation!

On the 14th of December we visited Rosario in Uruguay. She explained what Christmas was like in her country on her blog Rosario's Reading Journal. (On another note, she discovered Susanna Kearsley WAY back then. I wish I had!!)

Cindy from Nocturnal Wonderings, who sadly doesn't blog any more, posted about Christmas traditions. I wish our Christmas was a simple matter of who hosted and we all went there. Instead we drive around a lot and each year I like Christmas less and less, but in any case... It was fun to read about her traditions both past and present and I wish she still blogged.

Another recipe! Carla shared a recipe for Alternative Christmas Pudding. Did I mention I really should make some of the recipes that are shared during the tour?? Also, Carla still has a blog dedicated (mostly) to Historical Fiction worth checking out.

Sadly, Marilyn, the poster for December 17 does not post any more and has mostly deleted her blog. It's sad because I wish we still talked!

We then visited Jane, who has a different blog now, but she still joins in for the Advent Tour! In 2006 she shared another yummy sounding recipe. This time it was for bread. I love bread and went through a year there where I experimented a bit...

On the 19th we visited Elysabeth who still blogs periodically. She talked about lots of things on her blog! We heard about food, a common trend on the tour, but also movies and traditions and memories.

On day 11 we visited Bookwormom, another blogger that I wish still blogged, to see her memories, traditions, and music.

I really enjoyed Susan's post back in 2006 but for some reason only parts of the post are showing up for me... The link is here if it works for someone else...

Then, something funky happened... I skipped a few days or something. I do see where Rachel posted at A Fair Substitute for Heaven about aspects that make her holidays for her.

We end with Dance Chica, who no longer blogs, and Carl who continues to always post on December 24. (After this year we started always posting together!) Carl posted about his Christmas Eve and shared a favourite Christmas song.

Don't forget to sign-up for this years tour!!

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  1. I love this! It is fun to look back isn't it!


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