Sunday, April 03, 2016

Week in Review - Week 14

Random Thoughts

I used to be huge on projects... And then I sort of fizzled. I find they plan out my day better and give me things to look forward to. I have slowly been getting back on track this year. I am keeping up my reading, I blog at least once a week, I visit Twitter, and I even manage to blog hop. I really liked the idea of joining the Planner Party because I like making lists and crossing things off. I have been doing my own version of Bullet Journalling so far this month. Yesterday I did everything on my list! 

One issue I have long had with time management is cleaning. There are some things I have to do daily, three animals after all, but it was everything else that would pile up. I started following this How to Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days idea, and it is working. I don't do exactly what it tells me to everyday, but I am working with the idea and tackling smaller projects instead of a frenzy of cleaning on the weekends or when people are coming over.

There are other goals I have circulating in my mind for April. I have got back into going on the treadmill, something I found really hard after everything with my ankle. This means that I have started listening to audiobooks again! And, instead of posting random pictures of Mackie on Instagram, I have set a goal to get back into Photo-a-Day projects. I am hoping that will lead to using my actual camera more and photo expeditions. We will see how it goes!

Graphic Novel Year

Genius - Volume 1
Sunstone - Volume 1
Fiction Squad
Star War: Kanan - Volume 1: The Last Padawan
Future Imperfect: Warzones!
Fairest - Volume 4: Of Mice and Men
Fairest - Volume 5: The Clamour for Glamour
Fairest: In all the Land
Baba Yaga's Assistant

Currently Reading


Weekly Reading

Genius - Volume 1 - I have heard lots of good thing about this book. Imagine my delight when I discovered I had it as part of a Humble Bundle! It was really good and quite different from what I normally read in graphic novel form. This is the story of a brilliant young woman that knows nothing by violence growing up, but because of this is a genius at the tactics. She goes up against the law and really makes you think, frankly. I am glad I read this. I am looking forward to volume 2! Strongly recommended.

Sunstone - Volume 1 - The books I have as part of my Humble Bundle count as my goal to read all my graphic novels by the end of the year. This is another one I had heard of, but didn't even remember I owned. A bit out of my normal zone, but sometimes it is good to shake things up a bit. And, I did like it. I would read more in the series, but I wouldn't rush out and buy more. Maybe there will be more in a future Humble Bundle! Recommended!

Fiction Squad - Scribd - I loved this! I love Fairy Tale retellings, as most people know, and I was so happy to come across this on Scribd. It is a detective graphic novel that involves mostly fairy tales, but the detective is from another literary world. If I had to name a complaint it would be the alarming trend of all the females in the series looking like they are going to fall out of the top of their outfits. I am not sure why that was a trend... Maybe to imply this isn't a child series? Other than that, strongly recommended!

Star Wars: Kanan - Volume 1: The Last Padawan - Marvel Unlimited - I am enjoying this run of Star Wars series that are being released over the last year or so. This is the adventures of Kanan after the fall of the Jedi's. He finds himself alone and on the run. Good series even if I am not enough of a Star Wars fan to actually know how Kanan is... I will have to read more of the older comics on Marvel. Recommended!

Future Imperfect: Battle Worlds - Marvel Unlimited - A huge aspect of the Marvel run at the moment is Secret Wars. It looks like Marvel Unlimited is starting to catch up and finish up some of the series. This was good, but didn't knock my socks off. Recommended!

Underwire - Scribd - This was one of the comics that was in my library on Scribd and didn't need a credit to read. A collection of autobiographical comics by a mother, wife, woman, etc. It was really well done and more enjoyable than I expected mainly because another attempt to read something outside of my normal reading. She captures life really well. Definitely recommended!

Fairest - Volume 4 - I continued with my read of this series in my goal to read all of the unread comics in my house. I am a huge fan of Fables as a whole and I think I left this series unread because once I am done... I am not really sure what else we can even expect from the series as a whole. Fables and Fairest are over, so running out of things to look forward to and it makes me sad. Anyway, this was a Cinderella adventure. I really enjoy Cinderella in this series and it was nice to revisit with her. Strongly recommended!

Fairest - Volume 5 - Continuing with finishing this series... This volume kind of reminded me of an earlier volume in the Fables series when they retold Animal Farm. Reynard, the Fox, has been given the ability to turn into a human and the other animals on the farm are jealous. This leads to a lottery to give the other animals a chance to change 5 at a time. Plus, Reynard's adventures are always fun to explore! Strongly recommended!

Fairest: In all the Land - Guys, I finished! This was kind of a sad moment. I had held on to this volume for a while. It was still in the plastic! This volume was written by Bill Willingham and brought to play a collection of different artists to illustrate 30 stories. It was another volume that mostly centred around Cinderella, but lots of female comics make an appearance. It was a really good addition to the series and I am so happy I saved it for last! Strongly recommended!

Baba Yaga's Assistant - I tweeted the Panels twitter looking for some fantasy/science-fiction recommendations in graphic novels and this one of them. I should have had this anyway, it is illustrated by Emily Carroll who I really like! Plus, it is a Baba Yaga comic that worked well for finishing up a read of the Fairest series! This was a fun one that kind of takes commonly held ideas about Baba Yaga and makes fun of them a bit, but also makes them work. And, the artwork is awesome! Strongly recommended!

New Additions

Baba Yaga's Assitant
Batgirl - Volume 1: The Darkest Reflection
Supergirl - Volume 1: Last Daughter of Krypton
Batgirl - Volume 2: Knightfall Descends
The Autumnlands - Volume 1: Tooth and Claw
A Slip of the Keyboard: Reflections on Alzheimer's, Inspirations, Orangutans, and Hats
Birthright - Volume 1: Homecoming

Weekly Pictures


  1. I've been trying to clean a little each day rather than having a cleaning day and I like it but sometimes just cleaning everything at once is nice too.

  2. I really want to try Ernest Cline - especially by audio since Wil Wheaton does the reading. Cleaning is always a challenge. It seems like just as soon as I get a routine going that really works something in my schedule changes and I'm back to square 1. I'm a big list person though and that always seems to help.

  3. We broke down the most important household chores into short tasks and it really helped. That frenzied cleaning all in one go brought on so much stress and resentment. Who wants to give up that much time every weekend. I'm going to check out the link you shared.

  4. I really need to get back to audiobooks as well! I am hoping to start walking outside so maybe I will listen to them then. It sure does sound as if you are getting lots of reading done. Have a great week!

  5. Cute pictures! I really like the descriptions for Underwire and Fiction Squad those are going on my list. Granted on my list should probably be the cleaning book. I need some serious help too :)

  6. I thought Baba Yaga was a lot of fun too!

  7. Anonymous11:08 PM

    I bullet journal and I love it. I gave it a try last nov-dec and realized how functional it is for me. I, of course, modified it to fit who I am and my needs but the concept is the same. I love it. Fits the bill for planning and my need to list and write out random thoughts.

    20 minutes/day of house cleaning seems right on target with keeping a place in some sort of order. I have a routine that works but it's the decluttering that's getting to me. With living in the same home for 23 years or so, and six children in that time span...well, we need to declutter. I long for few things to invade our space.

    Congrats on getting back on the treadmill. It's hard to rebuild a habit especially since it was a physical issue (your ankle) that made a muck of the habit. I encourage you to at least do a little instead of none on those days when it's hard to get motivated.

    Fairest....I am very interested in this series. Should I start with volume one? I've not even looked to see how available the volumes are. What about Fables....should I read that series? I'm not a huge fan of graphic novels but these have captured my attention.

  8. I found I have to have some kind of section in my planner for daily to-dos that I can cross off, too. The bullet journal was a little too loose for me (I like structure!), but after some searching I found a planner that had exactly what I wanted and it's been SO helpful.

  9. I love that that's one thing we have always had in common--projects, that is. I find that I occasionally let them fizzle, but then I'm always so sad that I have. So I get back to them and/or start new ones.

  10. I am so glad the bullet journal is working for you. When you feel comfortable with it - even if it is months from now - I would love to see pictures!

    Yay for treadmills! My goal this week is to get on that (stupid) machine for at least 30 minutes each day. I have got to get back into the habit. Yesterday, I took a long walk and listened to my audiobook. It was lovely. Now, if I can do the same on the machine.

    I will be curious what you think of Armada. I liked it a lot but I also did not compare it to Ready Player One. I know a lot of people who did that and found it wanting. I liked it for an entertaining and suspenseful story and nothing else.

    Have a great week, Kelly!

  11. I need to check out 20 min. house cleaning. :) I've been thinking about trying the bullet journal, too. I like the idea of an index. Truth--don't know if I'll be able to manage a new system of house cleaning or journaling, but I can try. Really liked Ready Player One, so Armada is on my list.

  12. Is there a vol2 of Genius planned? I haven't heard anything about that, and I sort of wondered if it just ended up being too controversial and didn't get picked up for another "season." I'd love love love to see more though!

  13. I don't have a real planner but I do use my calendar like a planner and I couldn't get by without it. I keep my old calendars because, after I use them, they're almost like a diary. Yay for getting back on track!

  14. I need to look into this How to Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days. It's so overwhelming sometimes. Especially when we have plans for the weekend--which is the only time I feel like I have to clean. And good for you for getting back on the treadmill again. I really need to get back into my exercise routine as well. It means less sleep, which is what keeps me putting it off. :-( I hope you are having a good week, Kelly!


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