Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week in Review - Week 34

Random Thoughts

I gave myself permission to take the rest of August off reading-wise this week. I just find that I am forcing myself to read and where is the fun in that? My mind is just full of other things and is too restless to sit quietly with a book. I am still listening to audios so it is not like I am not reading at all. I am just giving myself permission to do the other things I want to do lately. 

And what are those things? One of them is I am finally making a list of all the unread books in my house. This is very time consuming and scary because I purged a lot of books earlier this year and I still have a large amount of unread books in my house. Add in audiobooks and ebooks... It is scary! These reading slumps do not help. (And have taught me that I need to be more careful as I am reading Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman on my e-reader and turns out I own it in paperback, too. oops!) So, everyday I tackle a shelf or two. I have a ways to go... There is a reason I have never counted how many books are on my TBR!

I also had bought a planner in July and then just could not get into a groove with it... But, I decided to add in some stickers and I did some playing around with this weeks spread this weekend. Now that I sort of have an idea of what I am hoping for, I understand there are YouTube videos to offer more suggestions. Now I just need to find time for those! I am still doing a bullet journal. I have kept that up for months and only missed two days! It has turned more into a journal, though. I still plan out what I need to do the next day, but then I write notes of what some of the key things I did that day were and I have started doing a 'Currently' page everyday. What I have learned from that is we eating really boring food...

I still clean on a schedule of sorts but it has become a habit so I rarely look at the actual schedule any more. I just clean what needs to be cleaned next... My house will never be immaculate, but I don't feel as overwhelmed by it all as I used to. That helps a lot! And, I continue with the treadmill and taking pictures. I also have been really good at keeping up with my feed reader even if I don't comment on every blog that I read. What I can't seem to get better at is blogging myself, but again... Managed to blog once a week so far this year. It could be worse!

Graphic Novel Year

Skip Beat! Volume 1

Currently Reading


Weekly Reading

Skip-Beat Volume 1 ~ I do not read manga very much because the series are so long, but I had a really good coupon for Kobo that made this book less than a dollar. I figured it was time to see if I liked this series. And, it was a lot of fun and I can see myself getting into it as it goes... But, we will see if that actually happens because that is like 30-something books. I wish the coupon had been multi-use! Recommended!

Bookburners - Season 1, Episode 5 ~ I have sort of fallen out of the habit of this serial thing. I decided the other night when I couldn't sleep that this shorter fiction was the best idea. And, I am really enjoying this story of a group that hunt down all the evil books in the world and their adventures. The writers are all doing a wonderful job! Now, if I could just read more! Recommended!

To the Bright Edge of the World ~ Audio ~ Okay, so if you have not read this you really should! I loved this book and cannot recommend it enough! It would be a great read, but I loved the audio, too. It is set at the end of the 19th century and is told through diary entries, letters, etc. It then flips back to a more modern period where the descendant of the 19th century couple has sent all of the records and artefacts to a museum in Alaska. The history of Alaska, the expedition, and the modern woman that Sophie was all combined with the magical writing of Ivey made for outstanding read. Strongly recommended!

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  1. The Regional Office is Under Attack is on my TBR. It sounds awesome! That's good about the reading break. I need to get better about giving myself permission to take a break when I want. I'm bad about trying to push through and then I just end up dissatisfied with every book I read. Good luck with the shelf project! Have a great week!

  2. Oh, I hear you. There's nothing worse than when reading becomes a chore. I used to go months with out reading and never feel guilty. I need to learn to do that again. Blogging is my slump right now. Somehow in all my craziness lately I've been managing to read but blogging??? Not so much.

  3. Excellent current reading! I love it! The Regional Office is a lot of fun, and The Underground Railroad is supposed to be incredible. I am reading a book about rivalries in pop music, plus The New Jim Crow (still, but I only have one chapter left!), plus some new comics. :D

  4. Great pics - especially the one of the colorful chairs!
    Good luck on your cataloging project. I did that one time and it took me quite a while but unfortunately I've sort of fallen behind on keeping track. Would love to hear more on the process!

  5. I think you are too hard on yourself. You are obviously reading because listening to audiobooks totally counts as reading. I am curious how many books you physically own waiting to be read after you mentioned that you never counted before how many you had!

    I like the fact that you have made your bujo into a journal. I think that had I not gone with the traveler's notebook format I would have done something similar. However, having multiple small notebooks in one leather binder makes it easy for me to keep them separate. I'd love to see pictures of your bujo though! And your planner after you cut your own stickers!

  6. Maybe if you tell yourself you don't need to read, that's the very thing you will most want to do. Sometimes that works for me (with other things, not necessarily reading). I really liked the new Eowyn Ivey book on the page, especially the supplementary bits (photographs and drawings, etc.). I'm intrigued to hear that you enjoyed the story in audio format as, for me, the presentation of the other forms was a huge part of the appeal. Enjoy the rest of your reading-or-not-reading August!

  7. I am ready for a reading break! I have been compulsive lately. :[
    Good for you for making your cleaning schedule a habit! That way it becomes more natural and less duty.

  8. I get the biggest kick out of your adorable pet photos.

  9. I'm intrigued by the bullet journaling but I'm not sure I can fit one more thing into my day. I shall enjoy reading about others' adventures with it.

    I think blogging once a week sounds like a good rhythm if it works for you. You took a lot of neat photos - another thing I'm too lazy to do!


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