Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week in Review - Week 9


Compared to last year, I didn't really have that many books preordered. But, with this reading slump, any is too many. So, yesterday I cancelled like half of them. Maybe more than half. If I am lucky, some of them will be Kindle or Audio deals in the future. But, there is just no point to buy books if I can't seem to read the ones I own all ready. I know that part of me will regret it as the reviews of said books trickle out, but I have Amazon Prime. I don't even really need to order too far ahead anymore. 

Audiobooks were doing really well in January, but I kind of fizzled on them in February. I seem to be getting back into them again now, so hopefully that continues. And, it is not like I am not reading at all, it is just that I seem to only be reading shorter works. So, while it could be worse, I keep hoping to get back in a groove because I have a lot of longer books that I really want to read and haven't yet. Maybe March will kick start the reading longer works!

We have had some adventures around here. Chloe has fallen in the toilet several times. Yesterday it happened again and it was not a clean toilet... Then she closed the door to the fireplace on herself. I think she probably could get have got out, but she was confused as to how. I bought a puzzle at Value Village of a cat dangling from curtains. That is how my house seems with this cat. But, Mackie really likes her. When I say it is bedtime, they both follow me upstairs and usually sleep really close to each other. I also doubt she learned any lesson from yesterday's experience and will do it again. 

Currently Reading

I say that I am reading this, but I am only like 50 pages in. I am never the best at actually finishing trilogies/series in the first place, but add in some slow reading lately and it could be a while. Hoping to dedicate some time to this book today.


I didn't get a chance to start this yesterday, but it is hopefully what I plan to listen to next!

Weekly Reading

Kindred Spirits ~ I have read all of Rainbow Rowell's books but Landline, so in an attempt to read the last couple things I had to read by her I picked this book up earlier in the week. I thought it was really great. A nice little story about some Star Wars fans that end up hanging out in the line to see the new Star Wars movie and strike up an unusual friendship. It is a bit different than Rowell's normal writing, but it still manages to insert some of her ideals about people and how they should be treated. It also speaks to the 'nerd' culture. Strongly Recommended!

X-Factor - Volume 1: The Longest Night ~ I read The All-New X-Factor, but this is the first time I have gone back and read the older stuff. I imagine this will be my project for the next bit. It is about a band of basically misfit Mutants who have a detective agency and are trying to help out other Mutants. I enjoy the cast and the way they play off each other. Recommended!

False Hearts ~ I thought this was standalone, but turns out it is not! In any case, I had this preordered last year, but cancelled it for whatever reason. After really enjoying the narrator in another audio I read this year, I decided to grab this one on audio. I am very happy that I did. I have enjoyed Laura Lam in the past, but then she sort of got quiet on the writing for a while there. I am happy to see she is publishing again and that she continues to write well. This is the story of conjoined twins that were raised in a cult of sorts, but near death leads them to having to leave so they can survive. Not having experienced world outside, it is a learning experience for them. And, it is a society where conjoined twins would have been corrected at birth. So, they are separated and this is the story of their separate lives after one of the twins gets herself into some trouble. Strongly Recommended!

A Monster Calls ~ I keep eyeing the movie, but I am not sure if I want to watch it. What I did want to do is finally reread it and it was an Audio Deal a while ago. I am not sure that I would read the book for the first time by audio because the book itself is just amazing, but it was a good reread via audio. I actually dug my copy of the book off my bookshelves and flipped through it while I listened. This book will get you right in the feels. Recommended!

New Additions

A Conjuring Light
Gilded Cage

Weekly Posts

Week in Review - Week 8


  1. It's tough when your reading 'mojo' goes out the window. I've been there at times in my life and I sympathize. Hopefully, you'll muddle through and it will come back before long. I think each of us have to determine what helps us. For me, sometimes it's reading old favorites or magazines or even just turning to TV and watching a favorite movie or show.

    I laughed about your adventurous kitty. Wow. Bet she makes you chuckle and we won't even speak about a clean-up after her toilet adventures. LOL

  2. Chloe sounds like an adventure though I'm sure it's exhausting sometimes! We will probably be getting a kitten in the next month or two which should be interesting. I'm allergic to them but my allergist thinks that an insane amount of allergy shots might make it workable so I'm going to try that route and hope it works out. I hope you are able to break out of your reading slump soon. Have a great week!

  3. I don't preorder books but I definitely buy too many. Kudos to you for canceling those preorders. I couldn't do it. I somehow think I'll be able to read everything I want to.
    Chloe sounds like my cat Belly. She's older now and calmed down quite a bit but she used to be nuts. She jumped into an open toilet once while in use by my husband. Let's just say she never did that again.

  4. Your kitty is so cute!

    I'm coveting the first half of your reading list. I've only read A Darker Shade of Magic, but want to read the rest of the series. The Invisible Library is high on my TBR, and anything by Rainbow Rowell is good. Enjoy your reads!

  5. I'm planning to read The Invisible Library for Once Upon A Time this year. There are already 3 books out I gather. The only Rainbow Rowell I've read is Fangirl, which I completely adored. Must see what else I can find. I do hope you get your reading mojo back again soon. Mine went in the autumn and returned in January so there is hope! :-)


  7. I really enjoyed Kindred Spirits too! And like you, I read it when I was going through a bit of a slump, the small size made it feel achievable. It helped me get back into things a little.

    I also plan on rereading A Monster Call on audio. A friend of mine had her first reading of the book on audio, and she adored it, so I'm hopeful it will be good (even though I agree with you, I think it would be better to go paper before audio in this case!)

  8. Poor kitty. I guess you'll have to leave the toilet lid down for a while until her cat-like grace and reflexes kick in.

  9. Since I got Prime I've stopped preordering months in advance. Also, I'm trying to use my ereader more so I check books out of the library. I really need to read A Monster Calls!

  10. Chloe's adventures made me laugh but I'm sure they weren't that funny at the time. I'll have to look into that Rainbow Rowell book.

  11. Poor Chloe! I can only imagine her terror and your own anger at that one.

    I have no desire to see the movie version of A Monster Calls. That is one story I want to leave in its perfect written form and unsullied by someone else's vision of it.

  12. I went to see A Monster Calls at the cinema. I didn't manage until the final showing so there was only me and a couple of others there. So I could sob quietly in a corner and nobody could see!

  13. I want to read the V. E. Schwab series! I had sampled it at Barnes and Noble a long time ago but decided to hold off until the third book was out so that I could read in order. I can't remember if the third book is out yet though.


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