Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week in Review - Week 8


Nothing too exciting happened over the last week, we just got winter happening and lots of snow as a result. There are no storms in the forecast for a while, so this has been a weird winter. Mild with a few cold days, hardly any snow, and then a few storms in a row. Now back to mild with a few cold days. We didn't get as much snow as other parts of the province, but it was enough for me. The dog has fun in it at least.

My reading mojo is slowly coming back. I started sorting through my e-reader for novellas and that seems to be where my mind is at the moment. I also listened to a wonderful audio that got my audio listening back on track. Hopefully March will be a great reading month after a rocky start to the year. I just want to read all the books that I have got in the last couple months and neglected because I can't seem to settle with them. 

Currently Reading

I started this last night, so only really read the introduction so far. I have heard a lot about Silnit and figured it was about time I checked her out.


I really have enjoyed Laura Lam in the past and January LaVoy is a wonderful narrator. Hopefully this will be a good listen!

Weekly Reading

The Princess Diarist ~ I have really enjoyed Carrie Fisher's other two memoirs, so I knew I was going to have to grab a copy of this one. I enjoyed it! It was a lot sadder to read knowing that the author of it was no longer with us, but it was still her fun writing from her previous two memoirs. I may not always agree with how she thinks and chooses to live, but that doesn't mean that I am not always curious about her. And, it was fun to read about Star Wars. I think there were more books in her and I am sad we won't get more. Recommended!

Miniatures: The Very Short Fiction of John Scalzi ~ I love John Scalzi, so when I saw this released last year I knew I was going to have to eventually check it out. I am not a huge short story reader, but when they are done well, I will be in love. And, these were done well. Plus, the whole point is that they are very short stories. They span his career and a few are never before published. It is fun to visit the inside of his mind and the weird ideas he comes up with. Strongly recommended!

Passing Strange ~ When the lists of upcoming books popped up late last year, this was one that caught my eye. And, it was a novella so it didn't put a pounding on the pocket book to take a chance on it. While it is marketed as fantasy, and definitely is a fantasy novel, the fantasy aspects are quiet and take a back burner to the overall story of the characters. A very character-driven book is really what it is. And, I really liked it. I had never heard of the author before, so I am glad I took a chance on it. Definitely worth checking out! Strongly recommended!

Binti ~ I heard a lot of buzz about this last year, so I grabbed a copy. I am glad this novella reading spree brought me to this one because it is definitely really good. A science fiction novel about a young girl from a strange planet who finds herself in the middle of a war. It contains a strong female lead who definitely comes into her own in this short book. I am really looking forward to the fact that there are sequels and we can keep seeing her move forward. Strongly recommended!

Lincoln in the Bardo (audio) ~ I happened to see this one pop up on Audible and state that it had 166 narrators. I was intrigued. I have started to see the buzz about it, but I guess I missed it originally. So, I grabbed a copy and what a different type of experience this book is! It is narrated by some very famous people and all the different voices bring the story to life. Centred around Abraham Lincoln and his son, Willie, and mostly taking place in a graveyard. It sounds weird, but it works. I strongly recommend it and this will likely be on my best of 2017 list!

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Nothing this week...

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Week in Review - Week 7


  1. Sorry about the snow. I don't mind snow but when it keeps coming it gets tiresome. We got tons in January but February hasn't been bad at all. In fact we've had some really nice warm days.
    Enjoy all your books. Looks like some interesting reads.

  2. What an assortment of covers on the books! Very interesting. Am hearing lots about the 'Lincoln' book and also many seem to be reading books by Carrie Fisher. Hope your week goes well and your reading is stellar!

  3. I'm super curious about how the 166 narrators works. That's a LOT of different narrators. Princess Diarist was on my TBR but I'm almost afraid to read it now that Carrie Fisher had died. I'm not sure I could make it through it. Have a great week!

  4. So happy the Lincoln book clicked with you. I need to read Princess Diarist ... I was thinking of maybe audio...

  5. I am so happy you loved Lincoln in the Bardo. I know way too many people who are put off by the ghosts or the number of narrators. I wish I could convince them to try it in either format because the story was so amazing. I can't imagine much being published this year that will be better than it.

  6. We've had a very mild winter too. I'm not sure what to make of it. I keep hearing good things about Lincoln in the Bardo.

  7. I go through phases where shorter books, like novellas are all that appeal to me. I don't read too many chunky books anymore, sadly. I don't know if it's all blogging's fault or my shorter attention span. Lincoln in the Bardo is a new to me title. I may have to check it out on Audible.

  8. Can't wait to hear what you think of Hope in the Dark. I'm hoping to read that this year. Glad your reading mojo is coming back!


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