Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looking Back on a Year

Here it is, almost October! The year is just flying by! I am not really in a review-writing mood this week. I just have the most insane allergies. I really wish I could figure out what is triggering them so bad this fall, but instead I switched allergy medicine tonight and I hoping for some results. I have just beent thinking of what I could say because my blog has been pretty quiet this week. Then, I got to think of a year in review. You see, this weekend is my birthday.... That is both a good and a bad thing! Normally birthdays do not interest me all that much, but I am going to try and enjoy this one. Won't be too many more years and I will be pretending that they don't exist, so better enjoy it while I can!

Yesterday, I actually sang to myself on my blog! Thank god you couldn't actually hear it, you just read it, because I would have lost a lot of readers otherwise!

For my birthday I bought Wolf of the Plains by Conn Iggulden, which I reviewed here, and interesting enough I am reading the sequel right now! It's a great series. I plan to go read more after this post.

I read a Giller-finalist, Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay, which actually went on to win! This was part of my Giller-a-thon which I plan to attempt again this year... You can read the review here.

Here is my progress report from October of last year. Back when I kept track! I was slipping in reading numbers and most of those books I never did get around to reviewing! A shame, really, because there are some really good ones.

I came to the conclusion I read too much fantasy....

I posted pictures from my hometown.

I finally reviewed A Secret Between Us, which I think I liked more than the book that went on to read the Giller.

"In Flanders Fields" and "It's Just a Pittance of Time"

I went to the theatres and saw Across the Universe, which I have seen many many times since...

I read a funny book about dogs, reviewed here, and a really good fantasy novel that I should get around to reading the sequel to, reviewed here.

The Kittens! Which I have not seen in forever....

Advent Calendar 2007! This ran all the way through December, but this post has all the entries on it. Be sure and remember all about it because it is going to be happening again this year!

Moving on to December, December 6th was a day of Remembrance.

I interrupted the Advent Calendar to get outraged... This still bothers me!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

My blog turned two years old! That means that soon it will be three....

Secret Santa! Which reminds me that I will want a book soon....

Merry Christmas! I bought books!

The best of 2007!

The Fantasy Review Part One and Part Two

And then life got really busy and I hardly ever posted for the rest of the year! A lot of stuff has happened though. I got entirely rid of my hanging-on boyfriend (we had really broke up a year before but he was still around all the time!), I made friends, I lost friends, I got my mother a kitten, my aunt got married, I went on trips to Cape Breton and Lunenburg, I discovered bands like Rush, I read Neil Peart's non-fiction books, I went to a LOT of karaoke bars, I started hanging out with my charming comedian, my blog became more rambling than reviews, etc... Such is life! I am always behind in reviews, I suck at challenges, and for me, I am having a really slow reading year! But, life goes on and overall, it has been a pretty good year. The good outdoes the bad, I guess.

So, even if it is early, happy birthday to me! Hopefully the next year will bring other good things and I will start reading and reviewing with some regularity! As well as other things.

Also, here's to new allergy pills and actually being able to feel my nose clear! I might be able to breath!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday early !!

    you made me realize that my blog will be 3 yrs old Oct 5th! This coming Sunday! never did I think I'd be doing this 3 yrs later! and I'm coming up on my 1,000 post ! sheesh.

  2. Crazy how time flies, huh!

  3. Happy early birthday, Kailana!

  4. Happy birthday!

    I know what you mean about the allergies. Something in the floral section at our grocery store (RIGHT next to the produce) completely set me off Sunday. It was miserable. :/

  5. Thanks, Nymeht!

    Yes, Heather, my allergies are never this bad. Everytime I start to feel better something else seems to set me off. It's terrible! My friend gave me a whole sleeve of an allergy pill they take, though, and they actually seem to have worked! Yay!

  6. Thank goodness for allergy pills! Your review of the year so far really makes me wonder how it can pass by so very very quickly. Wasn't it just Christmas? But it is nice to look back over previous posts. Always interesting, anyhow.

  7. Happy Birthday week. I look forward to your year end postings.

    Wishing you a year filled with many magical moments,

    Dee Marue

  8. Geez, Sorry about the typo...Winter in the North Country is not far away. It appears that my fingers were too cold to type my name correctly. Brrrrr

    Dee Marie


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