Friday, February 27, 2009

Me and My Series - An Update

Okay, I decided it was time to look at my series progress for this year so far!

Fairy Tail Series by Hiro Mashima
Volume 1
Volume 2
Not in a huge hurry to read more... Have to wait and see!

Legends of the Dark Crystal
The Garthim Wars
Volume 2 - Out March 17, 2009
Completed: 1/1

Fables Series:
Legends in Exile
Animal Farm
Storybook Love
March of the Wooden Soldiers
The Mean Seasons
Arabian Nights (And Days)
Sons of Empire
The Good Prince (Still Need to Buy)
War and Pieces (Still Need to Buy)
The Dark Ages (Out August 11, 2009)
Completed: 9/11 (Not counting the prequel)

Maus Duology:
My Father Bleeds History
And Here my Troubles Began
Completed: 2/2

The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme Series:
The Floating Island
The Thief Queen's Daughter (Been waiting for this book from the library for like a month.)
The Dragon's Lair
Completed: 1/3

Mercedes Thompson Series:
Moon Called (Read 2006 and Reread 2009)
Blood Bound (Read 2007)
Iron Kissed (Read 2008)
Bone Crossed (Read in 2009)
Completed: 4/4

Women of the Otherworld Series:
Bitten (Read 2007)
Stolen (Read 2007)
Dime Store Magic (Read 2007)
Industrial Magic
No Humans Involved (Read 2008)
Personal Demon (Read 2008)
Living with the Dead
Men of the Otherworld (Read 2009)
Frostbitten (Released October 13, 2009)
Completed: 6/10

Maisie Dobbs Series:
Maisie Dobbs (Read 2008, never reviewed)
Birds of a Feather (Read 2009)
Pardonable Lies (Read 2009)
Messenger of Truth (Waiting to Come in at Library)
An Incomplete Revenge
Among the Mad
Completed: 3/6

The Unwritten Book Series:
The Unwritten Girl (Read 2009)
Fathom Five (Need to read soon!)
The Young City
Completed: 1/3

The Uglies Series:
Uglies (Read 2009)
Pretties (Read 2009)
Specials (Read 2009 - Review forth-coming)
Completed: 3/4

Crank Trilogy:
Crank (Completed 2009)
Glass (Need to Read Soon)
Fallout (Released 2010)
Completed: 1/2

The Annals of the Western Shore Trilogy:
Gifts (Read 2009)
Voices (Read 2009 - Review Forth-coming)
Powers (Just Came in at the Library)
Completed: 2/3

Kitty Norville Series
Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Read 2009)
Kitty Goes to Washington (Really Need to Read This)
Kitty Takes a Holiday
Kitty and the Silver Bullet
Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand
Kitty Raises Hell
Completed: 1/6 (Not very good...)

The Giver Trilogy:
The Giver (Read 2007)
Gathering Blue (Read 2009)
Messenger (Waiting to Come in at Library)
Completed: 2/3

The Women's Murder Club:
1st to Die (Read 2008 - Didn't Review)
2nd Chance (Read 2008)
3rd Degree (Read 2009)
4th of July (Read 2009)
The 5th Horseman
The 6th Target
7th Heaven (Waiting for Paperback)
The 8th Confession (Released April 27, 2009)
Completed: 4/6

Wicked Lovely Trilogy:
Wicked Lovely (Read 2009)
Ink Exchange (Read 2009 - Review forth-coming)
Fragile Eternity (Released April 8, 2009)
Completed: 2/2

The Dreaming:
Volume 1 (Read 2009 - Review forth-coming)
Volume 2 (Read 2009 - Review forth-coming)
Volume 3 (Read 2009 - Review forth-coming)
Completed: 3/3

Mistress of the Art of Death Series:
Mistress of the Art of Death (Read 2007)
The Serpent's Tale (Read 2008)
Grave Goods (Read 2009 - Review forth-coming)
Completed: 3/3

The Mysterious Benedict Society Series:
The Mysterious Benedict Society (Read 2009 - Review forth-coming)
The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey
The Mysterious Benedict Society Book 3 (Released October 14, 2009)
Completed: 1/2

That's a lot of series...


  1. I thought for sure you had finished the Fables series already. I'm SO excited that my library finally got Bone Crossed in :) The last Women of the Otherworld book I read was No Humans Involved but I do own Personal Demon now so maybe I'll get back in the mood to get caught up with the series. I'm waiting until I review the first four Kitty's before I read the next ones.

  2. Tink: Well, since I had to buy all the Fables series, I didn't want to buy all 11 in two months... I'll probably get the last two in March. That's great you are going to get to read Bone Crossed! I love Briggs. My library doesn't have it, but no surprise there! I need to try and catch up on Armstrong. I read that series so disorganized! And, I need to read more Kitty. I am stalled at the first one.

  3. I should update my series page too...but I'm scare to, because I know I'll realize I've started even MORE series since vowing to finish them all :P

  4. Nymeth: These are only the series I have worked on this year! There are many others that are in progress that I haven't touched yet this year.

  5. When I did my series post I found I had 18 on the go and even more that I plan to start. It's horrifying! (But fun.) I see it was you I got the rec for Men of the Otherworld from. I bought that recently and have added it to the tbr pile. I also just got my first Patricia Briggs book - Moon Called - and can't wait to read it. I'm adding you to my blog list as I can see you read similar stuff to me.

  6. Cath: Well, those series are just the ones that I have touched this year. It would be way longer if I did an entire list. I might still do one eventually! I hope you Men of the Otherworld and you should read Moon Called, Patricia Briggs is great! That's great that we read similar things. I am going to go see if I have read your blog before!

  7. I follow so many series but I've never listed them out - this is cool. I wish mystery books (which are most of the series I read) would label the books with the order but I'm sure the publishers wouldn't go for that. I guess I just better keep my database updated so I won't read out of order :)

  8. Iliana: There are a lot of series that I am not so sure about... My list is very incomplete.


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