Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week in Review (15)

Random Thoughts

Another week with big reading plans and not enough time to hardly read anything. I had posted on Friday and said I was taking the evening to read, but I got interrupted so many times I gave up. Last night, though, I actually managed to finish A Discovery of Witches, so I am happy about that! I have been intrigued by that book since I heard about its release, but took a while to get to it. I am glad it lived up to my expectations and I am really looking forward to book 2.

In May, since April is just a slow reading month, I need to get back on track for my reading challenges. I will never finish the Reading Swap if I don't get around to some of the books. I should at least read the ones that would count for the Once Upon a Time Challenge. That's the only challenge I am doing well with. I have read 5 books and two graphic novels that count. Then, I have watched 6 movies and completed 2 short story collections. At least something is working out!

Challenge News

Like I said above, other than the Once Upon a Time Challenge, I am not making much progress on anything. This week essentially everything I read counts for that particular challenge.

Weekly Reads

82. Dreams Underfoot by Charles de Lint (Completed April 11, 2011)
83. L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Eric Shanower & Skottie Young (Completed April 12, 2011)
84. Fables Volume 15: Rose Red by Bill Willingham & Company (Completed April 15, 2011)
85. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness (Completed April 16, 2011)

Another slow reading week... Although, I did finish A Discovery of Witches and that's a chunkster...

Weekly Posts

Cover Discussion: Fables Volume 15
Review: Fables Volume 15: Rose Red by Bill Willingham & Company

New Additions

Fables Volume 15: Rose Red by Bill Willingham (gift card)
The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley (gift card)

Nothing this week...

Nothing this week...

Nothing this week...

Quiet week all around!

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  1. I hear ya on not being able to read! But we'll make up for it when we can.


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