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Week in Review - Week 26

Random Thoughts

It has happened... The dreaded reading slump. It tends to happen around this time of year and I have no idea what the common thread is that leads to it. I know that recently it is because I find myself doing other things and then when I could read, I don't. Last weekend I sorted through all the old memories I had stored in my mother's basement. The stuff is all gone to new homes and I guess I wasn't feeling like I had done enough lately because then I decided to alphabetise my bookcases. I had done two purges recently and had books at my mother's, so this was a chance to make it so I could find things. This was probably the quickest I have accomplished that ever because I have less books than I have ever had before. At least in my adult life. Now I need to update my lists for the series that I look for second hand! And, maybe get back to reading... I find that graphic novels work when I am in a slump and I am sticking with my audio reading at least!

Graphic Novel Year

Runaways: Battleworld
Wonder Woman - Volume 2: Guts
Sex Criminals - Volume 1: One Weird Trick
Sex Criminals - Volume 2: Two Worlds, One Cop
Sex Criminals - Volume 3: Three the Hard Way

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Weekly Reading

Battleworld: Runaways (Marvel) ~ Another volume set in Battleworld. It wasn't too bad, but again nothing that knocked my socks off. I guess you have to look at this as one giant series and all these volumes as smaller chapters... These 4 issues spreads are just not enough time to really get invested in anything. I am looking forward to resuming regular series arcs...

Groot ~ I started this on Marvel Unlimited, but then someone lent me the trade and I decided to read it all in one sitting instead. Groot is a fun character and I really enjoyed this story set from his perspective! It is amazing how much you can do with a character that only says 'I am Groot' as conversation. This was a lot of fun and I recommend it!

Wonder Woman - Volume 2 ~ As comic series go, this is not my favourite ever but it is still fun. I had never read a Wonder Woman comic before this, so I am enjoying my first visit with a legendary character. But, you can probably tell by how slow I am reading this series that I just don't love it. It is likely my reading mood and not necessarily the series itself. I seem to be struggling with getting invested in stories and characters lately. But, I am still having fun for the most part and look forward to the next volume. Maybe it will click better!

Feed (Audio) ~ A bit earlier this month I went through my Amazon e-book library and took advantage of Whispersync to get the audio version of some books that have been languishing unread forever. This was one of them! I read Every Heart a Doorway last week, loved it, and immediately started this on audio. It was so good! I said I was having a hard time investing in stories and characters, but not with this one. If you haven't read it I strongly recommend both the book and the audio performance!

Sex Criminals - Volume 1 (reread) ~ I first read this last year, but forgot it on my reading list for last year so not positive when. Volume 3 finally was released so I decided to do a reread to refresh my memory. This is a very strange series, but really good! I mean, it is a couple that freezes time after sex and robs banks and other adventures. Plus, Suzie is a librarian and is in the process of trying to save her library. An idea that you cannot possibly imagine working to hear about it, but works well when you read it. Recommended!

Sex Criminals - Volume 2 (reread) ~ Moving on, this was the second volume in the series and concentrates more on the fact that they have found a group of people with the same abilities as them. And, they do not all act like Jon and Suzie do. It adds some interesting humour to the series! (Not that the whole idea wasn't funny all along...) It was nice to refresh my memory with these characters and what they are up against. If you haven't checked this series out, you should. Recommended!

Sex Criminals - Volume 3 ~ This all lead to the release of the new volume in the series. If possible, this volume is even more bizarre than the first two were! For starters, the writer and artist have a conversation in the middle of the comic about how to handle a fight. That was fun. And then they meet another person with their abilities and it is so bizarre I am not even sure how to describe it. And then the volume ends on a cliffhanger and I want Volume 4 ASAP. Once again, recommended!

New Additions

Sex Criminals - Volume 3
The Girls
You Know Me Well

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  1. I love the Feed trilogy! I need to listen to them once on audio as I have reread them a couple of times already. There is a new book set in this world coming out this year and I cannot wait! I hope you get through your reading slump soon!

    1. I am really loving them! I am glad to hear there will be more. I plan to do them all on audio. :)

  2. I have a hard time reading in the summers too. It's so hot that I hate being outside so you'd think I'd stay in and read but I still don't. I love the picture of the daisy. I loved daisies.

    1. I am not sure what it is for me, but it seems to be a trend...

  3. Oh, I should try the rest of the Feed trilogy on audio. I liked the first book but had no desire to continue the series in print.

    Good luck getting out of that slump! Graphic novels to the rescue!!

    1. The audios are so well done!

  4. If you have an interest in American history at all, I recommend Nathan Hale's Hazardous Nathan Hale. This graphic novel series is super super fun. I've read three so far, am in the middle of one more, and have two more on hold at the library :) The first book is ONE DEAD SPY.

    1. Sounds good! I have seen other people reading that series, but haven't got a chance to check it out myself. I will make it more of a priority!

  5. I forgot there was a whole nother volume of Sex Criminals out, but I'm excited to read it! It's such such suuuuch a weird series, not like anything else I've ever read. After the end of the second volume, I had absolutely no idea what was coming next.

    1. I know! I am all up in the air about what will happen in volume 4. I can't wait to find out!

  6. Ah, the reading slumps! Mine usually hits in winter or early fall. I wonder why that is?
    I need to catch up with Sex Criminals. Only read the first volume but that was a while ago, and I enjoyed it.


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